Issues Remoting in to Storyline

I'm having issues trying to use SL on a remote PC. When I try to remote in to my work PC, which has SL and the .story files, from my home PC I'm getting some very odd behavior. The content looks like it is out of alignment with the base slide frame. It's as if I selected everything on the screen and moved it up and to the left an inch or so (including fixed items on master slides). A colleague of mine has seen the same issue when remoting in from his home and even from a conference room within the same building.

Has anyone tried remoting in to SL and been successful? There is no problem logging in the the remote network, finding the Story file and opening SL. Just the display goes out of whack making it unusable.

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Brett,

I have the same thing here. My computer is in Cologne and I'm working remotely on it from Belgium.

Have you noticed that when you drag an icon across the window, the screen becomes normal during the drag?

When I preview your scene/slide, all is normal. 

An other issue is when you use the characters that come with Storyline, sometimes they are substituted by lareg red crosses...

I changed my way of working. I do the rough work at home and the fine @ work


Geert De Rycke

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That Brett,

I don't know, I'velearned to live with it

It’s a bit inconvenientnevertheless I can’t complain.

At home I do the trigger bits,the scene logic and the rough visual stuff.

The rest I do @ work if not myboss might question what I’m doing there :D



Jamie Morgan

Yes, I've experienced the same thing. When I was training others in our training lab, they remoted into their PCs as that was where the software was installed. The background of the slide is offset when you remote in - which is very annoying but it doesn't impact what you build. You just have to keep in mind not to align to the offset background because that's not actually the perimeters of the slide itself.

As the other gentleman mentioned, everything previews fine so you can quickly tell if things are lined up correctly or not but it is a bit annoying - I agree.

Peter Anderson

Thanks for the thread, guys!

Geert De Rycke said:

Hi Brett,

Another issue is when you use the characters that come with Storyline, sometimes they are substituted by lareg red crosses...

If you see a white box with a red X when attempting to insert a character into your Storyline project, it means your computer's color depth is set too low. I'm wondering if all these issues may be related to that, as the slide appearing bumped up and to the left is another common symptom of color depth

Brett Rockwood

Thanks Peter. Very interesting. I don't use Remote Desktop to log in; I use ASG which is browser based and I'm not sure if there is any way to adjust color depth specifically. All of the settings that I'm aware of are at the highest setting (the remote PC with SL and the client, a MacBook Pro and Safari). I wonder if the ASG implementation is hard wired to a lower color depth to save bandwidth. Does anyone know if that could be the case?

Geert De Rycke

Hi All,

I still have the issue. I've set my color depth to millions (and all other variations).

It might be because I'm using an iMac en remote connect to a desktop in the office...

Still some of my colleagues may have a similar problem and it may be a solution for them

On the other hand, it is to me not related to SL, but to the VPN realm...

Thanks for the support guys


Brett Rockwood

Hi Geert et al,

I checked further last night from home regarding color depth and it does turn out that ASG has throttled back the color depth on the host machine to Medium 16Bit and there is no option to increase it; the Color quality drop down only contains 16 bit. So for my case it would seem that this is the issue. I too am using a Mac to remote in but I don't think that has anything to do with it.