Issues with Scorm when using Google Chrome come January 2020

Oct 22, 2019

Good morning,  I just read an article that Google Chrome 80 is going to cause issues for all Scorm produced files starting January 2020.  I actually read version 78 that releases today was gonna cause the problem but it has been postponed to version 80.  I can't see my organization dealing with the work around that I see here, but never know.  Can articulate share what they recommend or might know about this issue.  Our organization only uses Chrome as it works best with all of our other tools.  I have never published in Tin Can do we know if I just publish in Tin Can will that prevent any issues?  Here is the article I read.

Thanks, I appreciate any input, as January 2020 is not to far away and I have 100's of courses I might have to deal with somehow.

Just an add-on, I just heard from a peer that said if the user closes with the browser this is an issue, but if you have a defined exit button it won't impact....please let me know any thoughts/advice.

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Michael Aubee

Similar to what Theresa said earlier, I do not know what goes on in the background, I simply publish my files as SCORM 1.2 files and upload to my LMS. I use Storyline 2. The flat answer I am hoping for is (Yes or No) "I do not have to concern myself with the XHR issue in Chrome using SCORM files made by Storyline 2?" If I do have to worry, then why and about what?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Happy to clarify further - the issue discussed here relates to a browser change for synchronous XHR in Chrome version 80. Luckily, SCORM and Tin Can API (xAPI) courses aren't affected by this browser change. It only impacts content published for AICC.  So with your Storyline 2 +SCORM 1.2 content you shouldn't run into any trouble with the synchronous XHR.

Since you're using Storyline 2, something else you may want to look into is how the end of Flash (later this year) may impact your content. We've outlined a lot of helpful information here, and our team in the forums and our 24/7 Support Team are standing by to answer any other questions!

Teresa Vanderpost

Sorry to be a pain Ashley, can I ask one more question related to the Flash comment, I know flash is ending in 2020, so right now I have published all my courses Scorm 1.2 HTML5 + Flash fallback. 

Do I need to publish again in January 2021 to HTML 5 only (yes or no)?
Will the "Flash fallback" section of the publish just be ignored anyway (yes or no)?

or Must I published with only HTML5 (yes or no)?

My apologies for my direct question, but I have asked this a few times but I usually get sent the main flash link LOL!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Adam and Jason. Republishing 500+ courses is certainly an undertaking! The Chrome 80 update is releasing in February, and as Katie mentioned an updater isn't planned yet. If that status changes, it's unlikely to be ready before the Chrome 80 update.

I will share these insights with my teammates and keep you posted if anything changes! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teresa,

No apologies necessary - it's a lot to digest so I'm happy to help! 

Do you need to publish again in January 2021 to HTML5 only?  If you included HTML5 output, you shouldn't need to republish.

Will the "Flash fallback" section of the publish just be ignored anyway? Yes, the HTML5 first content takes precedent and HTML5 fallback will play if Flash isn't available. 

Must I published with only HTML5. This is a trickier one to answer! I'd ask your LMS/web server provider if they're going to depreciate their support for Flash as well. If so, you'd want to check that you have no Flash files in the output (FLV, SWF, etc.) so that you don't run into trouble uploading. 

In short, my recommendation is: Start publishing all courses to HTML5 only, and set a plan to republish any older, existing courses to HTML5 only over time.  This ensures your courses utilize the latest and greatest update and will be viewable on all the modern browsers with no unintended hiccups. 

Let me know if I missed anything - we're here to help with this transition away from Flash! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Adam! I have an update for you about Rise 360 courses published to AICC or TinCan. 

We added support for Google Chrome 80, which no longer allows synchronous XHR when a web page is closed. This update ensures your AICC courses always communicate a final status to an LMS. You'll need to re-export your AICC and xAPI courses so that they continue to work with Chrome 80.

James Eifler

Hi Carla,

I'm curious if your SCORM 1.2 courses are communicating back to your LMS as they should now that Chrome 80 is out. I have the same situation as you:

- SCORM 1.2
- Course completion based on the number of slides viewed
- No exit/finish button; learner closes the browser to end the course

I've found that, with Chrome 80, my courses are NOT communicating back to the LMS on close, regardless of whether they completed it or not. There's just no communication back and I get an LMS error. 

I just published a course on Storyline 360 v3.36.21289.0, which didn't communicate back to the LMS when I used Chrome 80. I know that this course worked on previous Chrome versions. So, I put your idea to the test -- I opened the course, put a button with an Exit course trigger on slide three, and used that to close the then communicated back to the LMS as it always used to.

Have you had any problems with your courses? Thanks!


Jean-Guy  Boulay

Hi Jessica, I just tried a scorm 1.2 publish from Rise and closed the browser using the browser close button and I got a completed message in Scorm Cloud. Perhaps it's a SABA issue. If you're desperate you could create a storyline block that would house an exit button that sends the cmi statement needed to set the completion status of the course. 
Just add a javascript trigger on the button that executes something like this:

/*Get player to reference*/
var player = GetPlayer();
/*set LMS API location*/
var lmsAPI =;
/*set status; possible values: "completed","incomplete", "not attempted", "unknown"*/
Andrew Richardson

Hi Guys

We have a course published in SCORM 2004 V4 from a client and we have been able to verify that the course does not postback a cmi.exit value to our DB on closure for Chrome 78 and above.  Various threads have mentioned that this could be as a result of the SCORM driver (Rustici website information) and this thread mentioning the AICC content as being affected.  My supplier has said to me that they have not published the course with any AICC content, any advise an specific areas on SCORM 2004 V4 being an issue?


Diego Solares

Hello all

I have a problem to save the students progress, I tried SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 from RISE and the issue still exist. I found a way to fix the problem, I had to enable the option to synchronize XHR request in Chrome, the thing is that following these instructions it could sound complicated to some students.

Are you planing have a update to fix the issue with Chrome?


Lauren Connelly

Hi Diego!

We've investigated this bug in Rise, and we found it is a communication error between Chrome and the LMS.

Chrome has deprecated a technology that was used by many LMSs to allow a course to communicate back to the LMS when the course window is closed. If your LMS hasn't upgraded their system, or if you're using an older version of your LMS that doesn't include an update to address this change, the course cannot communicate progress or completion properly. This causes learners to start over from the beginning instead of resuming a course or recording completion after they close the browser window.

Please reach out to your LMS and find out if they have released an update to address the Chrome changes. If you need support from us with the technical details, please let us know by starting a case with us here.

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