Issues with Scorm when using Google Chrome come January 2020

Oct 22, 2019

Good morning,  I just read an article that Google Chrome 80 is going to cause issues for all Scorm produced files starting January 2020.  I actually read version 78 that releases today was gonna cause the problem but it has been postponed to version 80.  I can't see my organization dealing with the work around that I see here, but never know.  Can articulate share what they recommend or might know about this issue.  Our organization only uses Chrome as it works best with all of our other tools.  I have never published in Tin Can do we know if I just publish in Tin Can will that prevent any issues?  Here is the article I read.

Thanks, I appreciate any input, as January 2020 is not to far away and I have 100's of courses I might have to deal with somehow.

Just an add-on, I just heard from a peer that said if the user closes with the browser this is an issue, but if you have a defined exit button it won't impact....please let me know any thoughts/advice.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Theresa,

Thanks for reaching out! Google plans to end support for synchronous XHR in Chrome 80 when it's released in January 2020. You can learn more about this change here.

The good news is that SCORM and Tin Can API (xAPI) courses are unaffected by this browser change.

However, AICC courses could be impacted. Learner interactions that happen in the final few seconds before they close the browser tab might not get communicated to the LMS.

We're working on a solution for this issue now. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as we have steps for updating your AICC courses so they're fully compatible with Chrome 80.

I'd also recommend checking with your LMS admin or provider to see if your LMS uses synchronous XHR so they can update your system before Chrome 80 is released.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Teresa!

We've been working closely with Rustici on this issue since the moment we heard about it.

The problem primarily impacts SCORM Engine, which is a product used by LMS vendors. Articulate also partners with Rustici on their SCORM Driver product, but this tool isn't as impacted. The exception is AICC content, and we'll be working on a fix for AICC soon. We're very confident that content published from Articulate authoring tools for SCORM and xAPI is not impacted, so we've got you covered!

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Lauren, that is good news.  Can you remind me when AICC is used?  I also have a student external page of links to web published elearnings as they are no in our LMS.  They finish the elearning and print the certificate and close the browser....and we may be moving all of these to Moodle.  If in Moodle I assume we still want an exit button or a complete button to finish the scorm package and Moodle will record it, not sure if you are familiar with that.  Try to ensure I am ahead of the game as I am a self taught designer - (you know once a facilitator and then told we now need elearning so please learn lol!  but I enjoy it) so I don't always understand the technical background information.

Katie Riggio

Happy Tuesday, all!

I'm excited to share that we just released Update 35 for Storyline 360. What's inside: We added support for Google Chrome 80, which no longer allows synchronous XHR when a web page is closed. This update ensures your AICC courses always communicate a final status to an LMS.

To see all the enhancements this version has to offer, follow these steps to update your software! 🎁

Carla Kelley-Gonzales

The information we received from our LMS vendor, Saba, was that SCORM 1.2 courses could be afftected by the Chrome 80 update if a course did not have an exit trigger or if a course did not have a quiz score that was passed to the LMS. Most of our courses are based on number of slides viewed andf there isn't a exit/finish button; the learner closes the browser to end the course. Am I to understand the Chrome update should not be a problem afterall if we are publishing to SCORM 1.2? 


I appreciate your help!  

Vincent Scoma

Hi Carla,

Thank you for reaching out! As Leslie and Lauren mentioned, SCORM and Tin Can API (xAPI) courses are unaffected by Chrome's browser change. 

The potential issue discovered was for AICC courses. With the news that Katie shared, the latest update to Storyline added support for Google Chrome 80 and AICC courses. This update ensures that AICC courses always communicate a final status to an LMS.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help! 

Rory Lavender

As we are using Tin Can API, in theory we should be OK. But should we encounter problems, once we get the software fix mentioned above, we would have to re-publish all of our content using the latest version of Storyline to get the fix? We use Valamis and they are providing site fixes for some content, but not for packages, so I am just trying think out the worst case scenario. Katie says we should update our version of Storyline, but that is only the first step, right? This would only help new development, not existing content, or am I missing something? Thanks.

Ren Gomez

Hi Rory,

That's correct! The fix in the latest update will support newly published courses, not courses that have been published beforehand. As you mentioned though, you are using Tin Can API, so you shouldn't be affected as this issue is related to courses published with AICC.

If you do run into issues and feel it may be related, you can always connect with one of our support engineers to give you a helping hand in confirming any errors!

Rory Lavender

Thank you! Yes, it was the obvious answer, but Katie's answer made it sound a little too easy! I just have to prepare my boss - just in case! Every time I say that I have to republish all of our Storyline files across multiple sites, our production schedule takes a hit. Thanks again Chrome! But at least the solution is 'simple' and does not require any new coding, etc. Thanks for that!

Adam Truckenmiller

Also, will there be some kind of tool that will become available soon that can scan all of the courses made with Articulate software and "patch" the older made courses so we don't have to worry about opening up the previous made courses individually and republish?

I recall, in the past, a similar tool was pushed out by Articulate due to a previous Chrome update.

Karthik Raghuraman

Hi Katie,

We have 100's of modules that was published using previous version of Storyline 3. Considering the timeline for Chrome 80 release. Just checking to see if you have received any response from the team regarding an estimated timeline/date on when the Articulate Updater will be released for Storyline 3 to update the modules that are published using earlier version of Articulate Storyline 3.

Thanks in advance.

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