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Hi members,

I have published delivered LMS package for client. Client is designing a home page of SharePoint where he wants add the course as a link. Due to some issues i don't have Articulate in my Laptop. 

How can I create a link from the LMS package which can be placed on the clients sharepoint and which on click should display the course.

Need urgent help in this regard.

Thanks in advance

Jagadeesh Chandra Setty

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Katie Riggio

Hello Jagadeesh,

Thank you for walking us through. Although I don't have experience with SharePoint, I'll do my best to help!

The zipped version of the course file will need to be uploaded to an LMS for proper viewing. One thought can be to host your LMS package in SCORM Cloud, a free LMS testing tool, and add its share link to SharePoint. This platform is typically used for troubleshooting, but you can host courses there.

Also, here are a few related community discussions. They are great places to look and ask follow-up questions:

Let me know if that helps!