Jumping to a slide from a Lightbox

Aug 03, 2012

Hello all -

I've lightboxed a Drag and Drop slide with a quick quiz question. When the question feedback pops up, and the learner clicks the "Done" button (which I've renamed "Learn More!"), I want the lightbox to close and jump to another slide. Is there a way to do this without it opening the slide in the lightbox?

I've tried this in a few other situations and have resorted to NOT using the lightbox feature and just jumping to the slide I intended to lightbox.

Thanks for your help!


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Quick question - reluctant to ask since I'm afraid I'm going to look silly. But here goes.

I "get" the trigger order thing. I created a trigger on a button on the lightbox slide that jumps to another slide. Also created a trigger on that button that closes the lightbox, and positioned it first. So I'm good there - it works. The new slide does NOT open in a lightbox as it would have without that close lightbox trigger positioned properly. So thanks.

My question: the lightbox slide still displays the little red X in the corner, and if Learners click THIS, the lightbox closes and they end up back at the original slide.

So what did I miss?

Bryan Tregunna

Hi Rebecca, I guess it depends on what you want.

I my situation, I have created my own menu page with links. If the user clicks on the "menu" button they see the menu as a lightbox from where they can click to access other sections. If they click the menu button by mistake or they decide that they don't want to go to another section, they will want to return from where they came from, so they can click the red cross to cancel their action.

From your description, it would seem that your user has no reason to return and, as there is no way to remove the cross, perhaps the lightbox option is not the most ideal device to use?

Good luck

Donna Spencer

Hi - I am wanting to have a lightbox close and then jump to another slide without it being inside the lightbox. I added two triggers to my buttons, first one says to close lightbox and the second one to jump to a different slide. However it is only closing the lightbox. Any solutions?

Trying to create a Confirm Navigation


Donna Spencer

I figured that the second trigger didn't have time to execute. Didn't know if there was any other solution. Unfortunately I am not able to upload the file. It is a basic click on one of those icons and then the navigation(light box) will ask you if you are sure you want to navigate there, then the user can click on the icon again and go to that slide. I could mimic it on each slide in a slide layer, a lightbox would be simpler.

Thank you for your quick response!

Donna Spencer

I created a really successful workaround on this! I created a new layer on the slide master called Navigation with the Confirm Navigation content on it, and put my navigation bar on the slide master. The buttons on the slide master are triggered to say show Navigation layer.

The Confirm Navigation box pops up on every slide that I apply the slide master to and all the buttons on that layer will take the user to the correct place!

The missing square on the image is the Help button. Because the Help is tailored for each slide it is not on the slide master and is on each individual slide. Hope this helps others wanting a workaround on this situation.

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