Just For Fun - Simple Hosting Options

This may sound strange but I'm wondering if anybody has any personal/just for fun workshops or pet projects that you are hosting yourself, for friends or others outside of your "day job"? How are you doing that? I've often joked I would put together a handful of e Learning courses for different friends/family, etc. and I'm wondering if I actually did that HOW would I host & provide access to those workshops for those folks? 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Megan!

In addition to Mark's suggestion, I wanted to share directions for uploading courses to SCORM Cloud here.

You may also consider using Tempshare. This is a free service provided by Articulate for sharing Storyline content. Just keep in mind that uploaded files will be deleted after 10 days. If you want to share your projects for a short time period, Tempshare would be an easy solution. :)