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Sue Hammond

I did everything in both articles (repaired, then uninstalled, reinstalled and 'fixed' the windows thing. Nothing has worked.  I have submitted a case.

I even deleted the layers and rebuilt them...nothing.

This worked fine in Storyline...Storyline2 has been the problem..and I do have the latest build. I wonder if this is a VM Fusion issue?

Sue Hammond

Problem solved!! This is what support sent me and I removed the transition on the master. I did not know it had one and it didn't show up as I was looking for animations.

Thank you everyone.


Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!

I believe this is a problem with using transitions in your feedback layers. Did you use the "uncover right" transition in Articulate Storyline 1? You can easily fix this by going to View > Feedback master. Set the main feedback master to use another transition like Fade or you can just remove the transition. Please let me know if this works on your end.