Lessons not reporting properly in ELO Touch viewers

Hello all! Thanks to all of you out there for all the support you give us. I use the forum often.

Question: is there a way to publish SCORM 2.1 content in Storyline 2 that does not require the content to open in a pop-up? The settings on the player for the lesson does not have the "Launch in a new window" checked but the content always opens in a new window anyway (what i called a pop-up). Any help is appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly,

SCORM Cloud defaults to opening in a new window, but each LMS may have different settings on this, which is why we added an option in Storyline to launch it in a new window in case your LMS doesn't have that setting. 

Were you able to check with your LMS admin or IT team to see if they had suggestions on how to change this? Is it causing an issue tracking the course on our ELO viewers based on the new window? How did that tracking work in SCORM Cloud for you? 

Kelly Parker

Hi Ashley,
The real issue with this is the lessons do not report results because the lesson cannot reach the LMS. see the snip below. Another problem is that the debug info isn't visible when you click OK on the error window.

Outside of this, the lessons authored in Storyline 2 work as expected on the ELO devices. I don't think this issue is LMS related & certainly not Storyline 2 related. All the content I author in Storyline 2 & publish to our LMS behaves as expected on other devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablets, PC, MAC, laptops, etc.) The lessons also play out & report when I test in SCORM Cloud.

And while I am not a programmer, I feel the error is confined to the ELO device.

Thank you for all your insight, though. If you have any other info to share, please do! I am desperate at this point to find a solution.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelly,

That error messaging is coming from the LMS, but if you're only seeing it on the ELO device and the course plays normally everywhere else, I'd say the ELO device is the culprit. The error message you're seeing indicates that it's not able to connect with the LMS to launch the course -perhaps there is an issue with the internet connection on the ELO Device?

Since it's not one that we support and things are working normally everywhere else, I'll have to rely on the community for any other insight or guidance here! I hope you're able to figure out a way around it if you need to keep using those devices.

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