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Nov 18, 2019

Hello e learning experts,


Hope all is well.  I am hoping an expert in the community can help with an issue I am currently having.  In a few of the modules I have created for my client they require users to visit a link or access a PDF. The issue is using chrome..... users think they are exiting the course in google chrome and do not know how to return back to the content. Is there a way to have a learner click on a link or PDF without having any issues not knowing how to return to the course? Even adding a pdf as a recourse in the player is an issue for the learners. We upload the storyline courses using a LMS.

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Randy Hill

I have noted in some cases with some clients that I need to place text next to the link in the storyline file stating that "This link may open in a new tab or window. To return to this course simply close that tab." Something along that lines. You can control somewhat what the window does when it opens based on the trigger but ultimately it is in the hands of the users browser.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Layla!

It sounds like you're looking for a way to encourage your learners to return to your LMS from the PDF. Randy introduced a great point regarding adding text to direct learners back to the course. There isn't a feature in Storyline to create this, but there could be a way to do this with coding.

I'm not a coding expert by any means, so I'll leave this for our brilliant community!

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