Listing variables from checklist

I want to do something that I can't figure out how to do! It may simply not be possible, but wanted to present it to more experienced users before giving up.

I want to have a checklist of items and the user checkmarks the ones that apply to them. Then on the next screen, I want to say "Here are the items you check-marked" and just list those items. Each user will likely have a different number of items check-marked and I don't want to list all the items and just hide the ones they didn't mark because it would result in lots of weird blank space.  Basically, I want to say "list all variables that equal true" (or whatever) and just have those displayed no matter how many there are, and without awkward blank spaces where the uncheck-marked items would have been.

I hope that makes sense...

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Michael Hinze

It's not exactly what you want, but a similar question was discussed here. You can disregard the "limiting choices" part, but the second portion (displaying the choices on a another slide, in a list without blanks) may be interesting to you. I had extended on the suggested solution with this example here.

Beth Case

Thanks! I found it after asking 😊

You basically did it the same way I came up with, but a little cleaner. It's going to be a pain with 20 options from which they select 8, but c'est la vie! It's what the client wants that counts, right?

Would love to see a javascript solution that would make it easier, but I'm only good at editing JS, not creating it.