LMS Timing Out / Test Results = FAILED

Feb 29, 2016

Has anyone experienced a time-out issue on their LMS which forces the eLearning test to "fail"?  I'm stumped on how to fix this.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Hilary -- Thanks for sharing the name of the LMS you are using, and I have seen that there are a fair number of others who use Oracle, so hopefully they can chime in to assist. 

And may I ask if you are seeing the same type of timing out behavior when you test your course published for LMS in the SCORM Cloud? You may also find this article to be helpful, as well: How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud.

Chris Barnett

I realize this post is dated, and the original author may no longer be subscribing.  Looks like there wasn't much resolution, but in case it's helpful, I thought I would add that I am experiencing a similar issue.  Oracle has a time-out feature that is enabled (not under my control, similar to Hillary's situation): there IS a pop-up message that notifies the user the LMS is about to log them out after 15 minutes of inactivity.  However, because our modules are set to "open in a new window," the user doesn't SEE that pop-up.  If the user returns to the module-window after 15 minutes of inactivity, the module-window and all its functionality will continue to operate as-expected.  However, in the window "behind" the module, the LMS has logged out and is not recording any further progress within the module.  Publishing the module to open "within the original page" is not a viable option for our learners (we need as much real estate on the screen as we can get), so we're looking at other options:

a) Could the Oracle pop-up somehow be "more invasive" (i.e. show up on the module-window, not the original Oracle window that is "hidden" behind the module-window); or

b) Could we build in a timer on the module itself? Create some kind of variable that starts a timer on each slide: if the timer reaches 15 minutes, a message is shown (lightboxed slide?!?) that notifies the learner s/he has been logged out of the LMS and needs to close the window and re-start in order for any further progress to be recorded?  Haven't played around with it yet, but welcome to suggestions!

Hilary Trammell

Hi Chris - it was definitely that the eLearning was too long.  We split that particular module into two sessions and now plan accordingly.  Ours don't open in a new window either so we make sure the learners now if they get distracted or take a call, to check for the "need to log back in" message.  Seems to be working pretty good thus far.

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