LMS Tracks Score but will not mark 'Complete'

Hello! I am having trouble getting a course to report correctly on our LMS. It is a very straight forward (no branching) course with a ten question test at the end of the content. The passing grade is set to 80% and it is tracking Complete/Incomplete which works on all of my other projects on the LMS. My LMS provider said the log file shows that the content is actually telling the system the status should be incomplete... and I cannot for the life of me figure out which setting will change this. Here is a snip of the log file:

+ [14:20:21.998] LMSSetValue('cmi.core.score.raw', '90') returned 'true' in 0 seconds

+ [14:20:21.998] LMSSetValue('cmi.core.score.max', '100') returned 'true' in 0 seconds

+ [14:20:21.999] LMSSetValue('cmi.core.score.min', '0') returned 'true' in 0 seconds

+ [14:20:21.999] LMSSetValue('cmi.core.lesson_status', 'incomplete') returned 'true' in 0.001 seconds

This happened once before and I changed the tracking to Complete/Incomplete and changed the player from modern to classic. Then it worked. That course, just like this one, was imported from Power Point and then I added a test bank at the end.


Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ashley.  Thanks for sharing those details.  In your tracking options, I'm assuming you have the course set to track by the quiz result and not by a completion trigger.  Is that correct?  

Are you seeing this issue only with the modern player enabled, still?  

We like to use SCORM Cloud to compare your course's performance in a different LMS environment.  We're happy to help with this process, or you can let me know if it reports incorrectly there also.