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Ren Gomez

Hi Prita,

Sorry you didn't get his email! Can you check your spam/junk folder to see if it was misplaced there?

You can also upload your logo to your unique upload link here. It looks like he also requested the browser and operating system version you're using, so feel free to share that information when uploading as well.

Ren Gomez

Hi Prita,

Thanks for reaching back out! Here are the details Robert shared in his case:

Thank you for the update and sample logo.

I confirmed that white is the background color of the logo area in a light theme modern player. I added this ticket to the feature request where users can customize the player colors.

As a possible alternate solution, you can create your desired background color in an image editor or MS Paint and import the PNG logo into it and save that version for use in the player.

We’ll inform you if the new player option is available.

Let us know if you need anything else!

Prita Prabhu

Hi Ren,

Thanks for the update. 

Thank you for the alternate solution. I will definitely try this.

Until some time back, I was able to add the transparent logo and it did not show up this issue. Also, my colleagues do not see it. In fact I tried to ask my colleague to work on my file, add the logo and share it with me, but when I open it on my laptop, the issue shows up.

I am not sure if it is a feature request issue or a glitch.



Ren Gomez

Hi Prita,

Thanks for the additional details! I'll be sure to share them with Robert to see if there were any changes in the functionality of the logo area from version to version, seeing as how he was able to replicate the same behavior you are seeing.

I'm sorry for the delayed back and forth! I'm wondering if your company has blocked support@articulate.com, as that may be worth looking into next time you run into any issues and need to contact our support team!

Martin Evans

Hello all,

Was this issue ever resolved? I have the same problem. I have uploaded a 200x200 pixel .PNG logo image that has the same background color as the player background, and it still shows a white frame around the image. I tried uploading an identical file that had a transparent background, and that showed a white background. Why am I not able to have the logo appear with a transparent background or without the white frame? I'm attaching a copy of the file.

Prita Prabhu

Hello Martin,

Unfortunately, the work around did not work for me. It still shows white bands on the sides of the logo which looks aesthetically weird. I preferred uploading a transparent logo instead.

I am not sure whether the team worked on this issue. What I notice is that the earlier courses work fine (the already uploaded logo is appropriate).

Martin Evans


Thanks for your reply. I originally tried to upload a transparent image, and even though the background was transparent, the player still showed a white background. I then used Photoshop to replace the transparent background with the same grey color as the player uses. When I uploaded the edited version (200 pixels square, as recommended), it still showed that white border around the logo. This is a major shortcoming if an organization wants to use a logo that doesn't have a white background, or that is not a regular shape.

Thanks again,