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May 07, 2013

Hi Guys,

This is my first Articulate Question!!  Hoping you all can help.

I have used a Marker and entered the text in the available title and text boxes.  However, when I preview the slide the background of the text is black and I cannot change it.  Do you guys know how to change it?


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Mougin Catherine

[updated solved]
Hello I have the same problem in Storyline 360, I have lost 1h30 on it...
I have done the following steps:

1. Create a new text box and type it some text
2. Right click on the text box and select Format Shape
3. Click the Fill tab
4. Select No Fill
5. Click OK
6. Right-click on the text box again and select Set as Default Text Box

It is ok for the title of the marker but not the text.

To solve the problem for the text I have created a new feedback layer (as I was on a layer).

But I don't understand why this has happened and how I can solve it without making a new feedback layer.
Moreover I don't understand the goal of formating the markers label if it doesn't change the backgroud color. This problem is not considered as a bug?


Matthias  Hankel

Hi I hope this fits in here:

I want to add markers with numbers to describe different parts of a radio device. Storyline is offering me numbered markers from 1 to 20. But I need two more (21 and 22). Is there a way to edit the numbers in the little cirle? I did not find one so far and created a workaround in Photoshop. See my video below. I hope there is a better way. 

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