Marker Issues-Storyline 2

Feb 09, 2018

Hello, everyone! I am updating a course in Storyline 2, and I'm having issues with my markers.

I edited the markers so part of it is bold, then the rest is normal. In edit mode, it looks fine. The bolding doesn't carry over to the preview mode, however. I've attached pictures for reference. Any advice on how to get the edit and preview pictures to match (so it looks like the edit picture) would be great. Thank you!

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Rachel Craig


I actually had all the text in the header. There was a mobile issue on Storyline 2 a couple years ago where the body text didn't show up in the header.

Has this mobile problem been fixed? Is there a reason the bolding wouldn't work if all the text is in the header? Since I formatted the header to be bold, I expected it to work in the preview mode.

Thank you!

Rachel Craig

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rachel.  I can see what's happening from your screenshot, but the bold formatting works as expected in my test file.

I took these steps:

  1. Added a marker.
  2. Added header text.
  3. Selected all of the header text and removed the bold formatting.
  4. Selected the text I wanted to be bold and applied the formatting.

The text appeared the way I designed it in both preview and in my published output.  Can you let me know if your steps match mine?  Also, I'm working in Update 12 of Storyline 2 (Help > About Articulate Storyline).

Rachel Craig

Hello, Leslie,

I have not heard anything yet about my case with Articulate Support, and it's been 5 days. I also cannot locate my email containing my case number. I submitted my case again, and took a screen shot of its case number.



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