Mastery Test - Sumtotal LMS - Passed test showing as passed but failed on Transcript

I have posted a Mastery Test - was originally in Quizmaker, imported into Storyline, works fine, shows on the Sumtotal LMS as passed when 80% or higher obtained. However, the LMS transcript for shows as failed. Stumped. Any thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated.


Note: Was published as SCORM 1.2 (required in order to overwrite existing MT, selected passed/incomplete on publish.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christine, 

That could definitely be confusing to see two different statuses for the course. Did you also reach out to your SumTotal Admin, I'd be interested to know what they thought too?

I'd suggest on the Storyline side checking whether the results slide was the completion requirement or the total number of slides viewed? If you're using the slides viewed and you didn't view them all, the LMS could be seeing your score based on how users answered but still marking it as incomplete.

Typically we'd recommend also testing the course outside of your LMS in a tool such as SCORM Cloud. That'll help you see how the course behaves and reports in an industry standard and compare that with your SumTotal set up.