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Sep 07, 2015

I have a number of inserted software capture demos provided by client captured and rendered with Camtasia as MP4s

Size of playback was an issue so I provided link to play the HD duplicate in media player. All works well locally , but once on the intranet  media players rejects and other links are bad.

Looking for some guidance (solutions )


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim, 

I can't tell entirely from that image how you're linking to the file, but it seems to not be linking to local project files as described here. If you have the MP4s but don't want to embed them directly into the course what about uploading to a web server or a Youtube channel and then linking to it from there? You could use the "video from website" option or for Youtube embed as a web object. 

Jim  Bates

I will look at the video from a website option. I have been struggling with playback quality , mostly because this is a fairly clunky in - house developed proprietary app and the interface is full screen.
Our SMEs who captured the demos captured the full screen , which of course doesn't fit in the playback window so to fit we reduce it by 20% and the text becomes very small. Our other option would have been to zoom in on key areas during capture but the technical folk were new to Camtasia and just felt if I could launch to an external media player then the playback size would be solved.
YouTube isn't an option due to our internal security and the proprietary nature of the software.
BTW, this is becoming a bigger issue all the time as companies drive business to the cloud or to the online distribution , a company like ours cant do business that way with most of our technical training and performance support products. For the foreseeable future we will need to publish local and distribute over our intranet ... just saying... for us the cloud and online subscription software is a tease we cant follow up on. :(

James Bates

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Thanks for sharing that additional information here. I don't know that I've seen a set up where it was forced to launch to an external media player, but perhaps you may also want to look at publishing for CD/local source to see if that helps with overall playback issues as then everything is hosting and linked from one location. 

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