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I am on my way to deliver my first project created with Storyline. So far I really like the program. However, after publishing I discovered a glitch in the HTML5 version and I need to find a workaround ASAP. The client that I am delivering to will only be using the HTML5 version on iPads.

This project contains 3 Lessons that are at the top level. Each lesson contains 2 or 3 topics that are at the 2nd level and then all of the slides reside within the topics. 

The menu in the HTML4 version collapses perfectly down to the point where you only see Lesson 1, 2 & 3. The menu on the HTML5 version is jerky. When all of the Lessons are collapsed, only the first topic will tuck in underneath. The other topics will hang out in view.

Please tell me if there is a workaround within the program to get the output right.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Lillian, welcome to the community

Unfortunately, a similar issue was just reported to our QA team recently. They're working hard on finding a fix, but there isn't a current workaround. I'll note your case in the associated QA issue, and will update here as soon as I hear anything. 

Really sorry for the inconvenience.