Multiple choice quiz formatting problem

In order to speed up production of our elearning we use templates, including quiz types. Reusing a multiple choice quiz question, however, is problematic.

If there are say, 3 options in the existing slide, adding a 4th either in form or slide view consistently loses the formatting in comparison with the original options. (see attached)

This happens every single time I try to do it. Formatting is exactly the same in the format dialogue box. Trying to align the errant option with the others also doesn't work.

I prefer not to keep creating new quiz slides as we have animations on the slides.

Has anyone else encountered this?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Roger,

Are these questions you're upgrading from SL1 to SL2? I've seen that behavior before here that we've reported to our QA team. 

If you're experiencing this just in one file that you haven't upgraded, we're happy to take a look and please tell us the steps you go through to add in the new answers. You'll also want to confirm you're working locally as described here. 

david mckisick

I also experience this issue when using even basic templates. To reproduce, create a basic template in Storyline (using master slides with custom look and feel), then create a new question (multiple choice, or any text type thing such as T/F) using the Quiz Wizard that pops up whenever you click the New Slide button. Usually I have to go in after that and apply the template that I want it to be on. Now look at your newly created slide with the text all mangled up and in the wrong places.