Muted mp4 Videos play unmuted when viewed on a mobile device

Nov 30, 2015


I have several slides in my story that include muted video footage as a visual backing to my narration. The video format is mp4. I import the video, add any captions necessary etc and then mute the video's sound, recording an audio track for the narration which is the only thing learners will hear.

When the published story is viewed on a PC, it performs perfectly. Learners can see the footage, and hear only the narration.

However, when viewed on an iPad, using the Articulate player, these videos, wherever they appear in my story, all mysteriously become unmuted, which shatters my narration.

I can't see any related threads on here so far. I would really appreciate some advice on how to solve this, thanks!

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Greg Davis

I am having the same issue. Here is my work around while this is being looked at by the QA team.

How to replace audio from original video and with new narration inside the original video. (Takes a novice 10 minutes). For PC users:

1. Open Windows Live Movie Maker. 2 Add video. 3. Click the edit tab at the top. 4. Click video volume on the far left and slide the bar to Mute. 5. Click Home tab and then click "Add Music". 6. Click "add music" again and navigate to your VO file and select. 7. Drag the placement bar (on your video) to where you want the video to end. Click the Edit tab and then click Set the END POINT. 8. Click The FILE tab and select Save Movie.

Matt Painter

Hi friendly staff... just wondering if there's an update here. I think I have my own workaround (SL2: Edit video, Volume, Reduce by 100%, Save and close) but SL2 is very slow at video editing and this is really rather painful, and somewhat unstable (I'm just now re-muting a video I was sure I had already reduced by 100%....). An update would be great thanks.

Matt Painter

Thanks guys. Leslie I tried to find a small example with the problem but I've been fixing them all and video makes large files...! So... if you just try to insert an MP4 into a slide, then select the 'mute' option from the 'video volume' drop down button, then add your own voiceover narration, then publish and view on an iPad, you will see what I mean. :)

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