New in Storyline 360: Check out the New Modern Player in Storyline 360

Hey folks! Recently we released a beautiful new modern player for Articulate Storyline 360. The player is the frame around your slides and it can include features like navigation buttons, the course menu, resources, a glossary, and more. The new modern player is sleek and beautiful, and best of all, it gives your learners the same experience across all devices.

The modern player scales to fill a learner’s browser on every device and the player controls melt into the background to maximize screen real estate. This makes sure your content is always the star of the show.

The modern player is available in a light or dark color theme, with the option to pick a custom accent color. You can also adjust the font and the navigation button styles—and you can choose to display or hide menus and controls just like you could with the classic player.

Watch the quick video below for an overview, then follow along with this helpful tutorial to start working with the modern player in Storyline 360.

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