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Feb 04, 2016

Hi Storyline Experts,

I have a very basic issue that for some reason I can't work out the solution to. I simply want to have people click on the four circles (See attached course) and have the next button appear. I originally had it set so when the state of the four buttons where "Visited", the next button would appear. It works in most cases but it seems to have issues for a small group of people. So I started messing around with variables, which is how I have it set now (to increase 1.00 when the oval is click). When the variable reaches 4.0, it is supposed to have the next button appear. However, I'm wondering if I need to change the "when" to something else rather than when the timelines starts. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Jennifer Sader

It seems to be working just fine. If you wanted to track each circle separately, you could create a separate variable for each one and set the state each oval to "Visited" when its variable was "True" or 1. The visited state gets lost sometimes if you click circles multiple times.

Then you could make the next button appear when all the variables were true (or 1).

Cary Glenn

In this situation I prefer not to use a variable but use a trigger based on the states instead. I find that if I use buttons into a button set I have very few issues.

An issue with using a number variable in this situation is that a person could just click the first two buttons repeatedly and still get to 4. You could use a true/false variable but you still can run into problems. I've attached a revised version.

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