Next button is active before conditions are met

Oct 19, 2020

I have several courses using the same interaction but it isn't working properly in this one course: the (default) Next button is active when the page opens.

I've compared the variables for this interaction with those from my other courses and have made the settings match (taking course/lesson/slide differences into account) but still the Next button for Lesson 3, page 3 of 7 of the attached .story file remains active when the page opens.

Please review the attached file and let me know if you see my error. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Garth Yorko

I am talking about the state of the button itself, not a trigger.  I believe your triggers a good to go.  It is the state of the next button which needs to change from Normal to Disabled.

The trigger you have won't work because the state of the Next button is already Normal.  Select the Button from the Timeline, then review its Initial State.  You will see that it is Normal.  Change the Initial State to Disabled.


Garth Yorko

I think I was looking at the wrong slide.  

On this slide (D02L03_P030)  you have a trigger to change the state of the Next button to normal when the state of card 1 btn, card 2 btn,  and card 3 btn have a state of visited.

However, earlier in the list of triggers you have triggers to change the state of the card buttons when a variable changes.   The result is that there is no time that all three buttons are in a visited state.

Use a variable rather than a state to manage the Next button.

Richard Maloney

Still not working. A little more background:

I wrote storyboards for many courses and our programmer created them w/Storyline. All work well with one exception: The (standard) Next button is active before conditions are met on a page in one course (EVP2 - Lesson 3, pg 3) but not in another (SEVP101 - Lesson 1, pg 5), using the same interaction. I have altered the setting in EVP2 to match those that work in SEVP101 to no avail. FYI: Our programmer has left. We have a skeleton crew. I'm the sole Content Developer.

Much thanks to Garth Yorko for all his suggestions above. I have tried those and everything else I can think of and am getting desperate, Folks. Please take a look at the Word doc w/applicable settings screenshots from both courses and the Storyline source files for both courses to see if you can find where I am going astray.

Steve Hazelton

I can't preview this because of the Java script but I would expect to see the following:

- If I click on card 1 before clicking on cards 2 and 3, the Next button will change after I select all 3 cards.

- If I click on cards 2 and 3 (skipping clicking on card 1), the Next button will also change since the trigger condition is met.

Is this the problem you are seeing, or is it something else? Since I can read card 1 without clicking on it, maybe this trigger setup is intentional.

Also, I see that both courses are set up that way. If that is in fact the problem, maybe you just hadn't done the same click test on both.

Richard Maloney

Hi Steve!

Thank you for the feedback, and sorry you can't view the story source files!

You are correct: card 1 btn is left unchecked in that trigger (in both courses) because when the page opens that card is visible so students don't need to select it.

The actions you describe should activate the Next button, but I am having one of two problems with the interaction in this one course (EVP2) as it's programmed and as I edit:

  • As programmed, the Next button is already active when Lesson 3, page 3 of EVP2 displays, before the conditions are met.
  • Through editing the variables, I have managed to disable the Next button when the page opens, but then it does not activate once all conditions have been met.

This can't be easy for you, having to abstractly visualize. It was with such in mind that I provided all those screenshots. Here's the interaction in EVP2 as it appears when the page initially displays and before any conditions are met. When selected, cards slide out to the right & back again when another card is selected. Once card 2 and card 3 have been selected, the Next button should become active - as it does in my SEVP101 course:

Thanks again, Steve. Hope this helps clarify my problem some!

If anyone else has any thoughts, please feel free to share!

Steve Hazelton

I would go with Garth's approach. The Disabled state is one of the built-in states with its own set of conditions, and my understanding is that things can get wonky when you start playing around with their settings too much. You are better off creating a custom state with a different name if you don't want the default settings.

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