Next button isn't working

I have a course with a 21 minute video. The menu is restricted and I have the timeline set to be the length of the video so the next button isn't clickable until that time. The course was published in our LMS and about 1/3 of our employees have completed it but some are having troubles. Without contacting them each individually, I did some troubleshooting on my own and on my PC the next button becomes clickable in Edge but not Chrome or IE (I think version 11 is what we use here). I also made sure that users weren't dragging the seekbar on the video (their leader confirmed this wasn't the case). Is there any reason why this would occur and what I could do to remedy it? I've attached the file so you can see how I have it set up.

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Kari Thevenot

Thank you Daniel. I have let them play the full length in all 3 browsers, not dragging the seekbar at all. This is something we tell them when it's assigned and it's in the course as well, that dragging the seekbar doesn't make the next button clickable any sooner. When I left the full length play in Chrome or IE 11, the next button is never clickable but is in Edge.

Kari Thevenot

Hi Daniel,

It's a 21-minute video (not 21 seconds) and so the users need to view the video and not skip past it, which is why I had it set up that way. I can put a delayed Next button in there (an actual button and not the one that's in the player) but it still doesn't solve the issue of why the next button is working in one browser but not others. I may need to have support address this for me :(