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LaVon Bowman

I do create both,  I create Word docs for QA and our LMS Admin who uploads the course file. I cannot answer that question because I give her both. 

Yes, Wendy, it is a thing of beauty. Thank you again. It passed in SCORMcloud for me as well. So simple. (me bashing my head).

About the Exit button. I will try to find out how to change the Configuration files (not likely), or we are testing to see if it registers completed if we just instruct them to use the X to close the window.


LaVon Bowman

Wendy, You helped me with Lesson 2 and I have completed successfully Lesson 3 and it tests complete and Success in SCORMCloud.

However, my Lesson 1  does not. I have gone through the lesson and compared what you helped me with on Lesson 2. I cannot see what I need to do to get a complete. Can you help me with that? Attached is the SCORMCloud capture. I pass with 100% but does not give COMPLETE.

Wendy Farmer

HI LaVon

you weren't touching the Result slide if they were successful...so I changed the trigger on the correct layer of the last quiz question to jump to the Result slide and then added a trigger to change state of next button to normal when timeline starts on success layer. Published and uploaded to Scormcloud and it completes and tracks as expected