'Not enough space on disk' ....can't save work

Oct 16, 2014

I keep getting this error and can't save my work.  I have plenty of space available, but this keeps coming up.  

Anyone know of a method around this?

Using S2 btw.

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Tria Vang

Hi all,

I'm having the same issue with disk space. I've disconnected & deleted my dropbox from my computer, moved a lot of files out of the hard drive and freed up a lot of space, but still getting the "no disk space" error. I wanted to try the temporary files suggestion above but I have a macbook and use VMware as my windows platform so I'm not able to access the temporary files the same way. Can anyone suggest any other solutions?  

Michael Ford

Perfection CK. This actually helped solve a different issue I was having. Upon trying to open a project file, a dialogue box popped up said "Storyline is locked by another process". I went to Appdata/Roaming/Articulate/Storyline  as you suggested and saw two massive 2gb .tmp files sitting in there. I deleted both and the project started right up. Thank you! Obviously a huge problem with Storyline that they still haven't chosen to address.

John Crosby

Hi Guys, 


Looking at the date on this thread the issues mentioned are still going on. 

I have been experiencing exactly the same issues. I have cleared the TMP files out of the C:Temp to clear sufficient memory to work.......however as soon as i open Articulate and do any changes and updates to the course file it uses up all the free space on the hard drive preventing work to be saved due to hard drive space. My client is obviously getting frustraited. 

Please advise