Notes Tab on Storyline Player

Has anyone ever experienced a problem with the Notes tab on the Storyline player?

In the past, we've used this tab to display the audio transcript for the course. The text that is written in the notes section does not appear as usual, and now displays what appears to be a portion of a scroll bar... I created a new project and tried to import the slides; however, this didn't help the issue. I have also uninstalled, re-installed, and tried to repair the storyline installation without any luck. 

The menu tab works correctly as shown here.

The notes tab does not display correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Nelson.

We're aware of some buggy Notes Tab behavior in our HTML5 output, but this doesn't seem to match what you are describing.  I've also seen situations where formatted text causes unexpected behavior in the Notes Tab.

  • Could you try pasting your text into Notepad before re-copying it into Storyline in an effort to remove any possible formatting issues coming through from your source document?
  • Could you try reducing your text to a very small quantity and increasing it incrementally in order to isolate a possible issue related to the volume of your text?

If neither of those ideas help, could you please send us a copy of your .story project file for a closer look?  Thanks!

Andrew Kennedy

I'm having the same issue. It seems to have started when I uninstalled Storyline Update 4 and replaced it with Storyline Update 1.

I know that seems like a strange thing to do, but one of our clients requires for us to publish in Update 1.

It happened on two computers - one of them I was able to fix this by uninstalling Storyline, restarting my computer, and installing it again. On another computer, that didn't help. 

Would appreciate any insight on this!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew,

It looks like in Nelson's case the issue was resolved by using the most recent update (at the time update 4, we're now on Update 5). If the reinstall fixed it on one computer, I'd suggest looking at the computer who is still having issues and conducting the more thorough repair process outlined here.