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Feb 09, 2016

I have published a course (SCORM 2004 v.3) and set it as pass/incomplete with a score of 80% or higher. I loaded the course to CornerStone LMS and took the course. My score shows 100% but my transcript still shows the course as incomplete....any ideas on how I might fix it?  Thanks!

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Lisa Poulin

Sadly, no. It seems to be happening to about 10% of our learners and no one has yet to find the cause. I have uploaded in every version of SCORM - no change in results. Sometimes it shows the user view time of 1-5 min (40 min course) but a score of 90%, sometimes the view time is correct but 0 score and the user will send me a screenshot of their score showing above 80%. I have advised all learners to screenshot their final score until we can fix it. However, that means manually completing almost 2000 users :( 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Bobby -- Thanks for reaching out, and when looking in on Sarah's case here, it looks like the following info was shared by one of our Support Engineers:

'Thank you for sending the file. I have reviewed the file and I see that the individual result slides are being skipped when you go through the course. Each result slide needs to be viewed by the end user in order for the course to send completion. You need to edit your course so that the user would be able to navigate to each result slide. 

Another option would be to just have one result slide for the entire course.'

Hope that may help and if you have specific questions or would like our Engineers to review your file as well, please feel free to use this form to submit a case

Lisa Poulin

That is not the case with my course - I only have one results slide. I haven't received a response from the engineers since we were able to duplicate the problem in SCORM cloud. AT first, we couldn't, but after repeated attempts, we can duplicate it 10-15% of the time. Unfortunately, that means a lot of takers in SCORM to replicate it. 

Christie Pollick

Hi Lisa -- Thanks for touching base, and yes, it looks like the last correspondence sent from our Support Engineer, Eloisa, was back on 4/14 as follows:

"Thanks for taking the course. All users are marked as Complete. I would suggest republishing your course and upload and test in your LMS. Let me know how this goes." 

If you continue to experience troubles, you are welcome to reply to Eloisa via email within your case for additional investigation, and we will be happy to follow along! 

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