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Michael Bauer

See if it works if you add it to the Slide Master which would then be used on every slide. If not, you might need just one slide, and 500 layers to get through all your content.

In saying that, without knowing your topic, are you wanting your learners to listen or read/watch, having the audio just continue throughout the whole course could be a distraction from what is on screen. But I digress, perhaps you are just playing music which then yes it would be a great if you could just have it continue.

Erin June

Thanks Michael. When I added the audio to the Slide Master it keeps restarting when I move onto a different slide.  

Yes, I am trying to have low background music play throughout the training while the learners goes through the slides and interactions.   This may work if I can't figure out Java Script and if I can extend the timeline long enough.  Thank you Michael

Surender Rajput

Hi Math,

Please make a post as this is one of the most confused topic specially for people like us who are starting to learn storyline and find it disappointing that a basic feature like this is not part of storyline feature. You can do it in any other tool in the market except in storyline.

I had to literally gave up on the music in my last project since it was too hard to follow JS solutions and also was running out of time. Had to launch the course. Moreover, the solutions in the forums says , the music do no work if a user is attempting it on chrome. Are you saying your solution works on every browser?? Thanks for all the help.



Math Notermans

I slightly changed the previous Storyline file to make it as easy as possible for not-experienced Javascripters to get this working. I removed the timer that was in the previous one, because that one is not needed for playing background audio. And i changed the code so now you only need to do 2 things to get background audio working properly.

- Replace the audiofile in the resources.
- Change the variable 'audioFile' into the name of your audiofile.

And then all works.

Kind regards,

James Washington

Understood. Thanks for sharing Mateusz and no offense but I was asking a rhetorical question to SL staff as to adding a feature not involving script/code modification. Some designers become completely unglued when it comes to anything related to code and want a quicker easier way to do what one person said, "every other tool on the market" can do more easily.