Playing timeline from playhead - Not working

Hi all,

I've an issue, and would appreciate some advice please.

I'm trying to sync some content with audio so im using the 'play' button on the timeline quite a bit to get things synchronised correctly..BUT, usually i can put the playhead to the where i want to play the timeline from, however when i press play, the slide plays from the beginning which is quite a pain!

I know this usually works as i do this all the time.


help please!



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Edward K

I'm experiencing the same problem. Articulate, please take note! Being able to start playback from the playhead's current location in the timeline should be standard behavior, whether you're on the base layer or otherwise!

Thanks, Ren, for the extra detail. I was able to at least temporarily fix this by extending the timeline of my base layer to be longer than my alternate layer. It seems Storyline isn't happy that my pop-up layers are longer than the base?

Mark Lentz

I'm having the same issue on layers that just cropped up as well, it always goes back to the beginning.  I noticed that the little pause/play buttons at lower left of the timeline are also grayed out when you are on a layer.  It's only going to cost me about a a half hour on this particular project so I'll just wait for the new update I guess.  It doesn't affect the base layer.

Errol Muir

I'm wondering if this has been resolved as yet.  I have the same issue.  Even worse, every so often (increasingly frequent), the only way to review a slide is to preview it - the play button at the base of the 'build' mode slide does not work (it is greyed out).  This occurs with or without layers. Clicking the space bar starts and stops the playback of the slide.  Is this the default now?

Daniel Jovanov

Errol, I recently updated Storyline 360....and no, the issue still persists!
Although I was able to edit the base layers of slides just fine, the feedback layers still exhibit this issue. It used to be totally random where some feedback layers can be edited easily and others couldn't, but now it seems consistent across the board