Presentation style - best settings auto or self click next/back?


I'm building a presentation style series of slides with text/images appearing in Storyline with voiceover. Trying to work out the best approach for the settings etc.

If I have the next/back buttons for the user to select then they have to guess when the slide has ended.  I could add in an animated arrow at the end of the voiceover...

Or I could make it play auto but if I take out the next/back buttons then the user can't easily repeat a slide again. If the next/back buttons are kept in then then user may think they need to use them.

If it was turned into a video and put into Vimeo (I think this isn't possible with Stoyline) the user can control via the entire play timeline.

Any suggestions? Thanks Susan

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Brian Allen

Hello Susan, do you have the ability to take 30 seconds at the beginning of the presentation to explain how your presentation navigation works? e.g., "The presentation will automatically advance but, for your convenience, you may use the next/prev buttons to review"... Or something along those lines...