Problem with text entry slide in Storyline 360

Jan 26, 2022


I've created a number of text entry slides throughout a 53 slide module.  They all work fine apart from one which automatically jumps to the next slide as soon as you reach that slide.

I've tried copying one that works into its place but that slide then also behaves in the same way.

The slide is preceded by a drag and drop question and followed by a multiple choice question although this is not a quiz.

If I copy the slide out into a separate file it works.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

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Lisa Emmington

Big thanks to Lejan for solving the problem for me!

There was an invisible trigger on the slide to jump to the next slide when the timeline starts.

Not sure how it got there and it wasn't visible on the slide, only in Story view.  Once it was disconnected all worked fine.