Problems with Quiz Review Texting Overlapping

Oct 14, 2014

I'm having some trouble with the review option of the quizzes in Storyline 2. I've looked through the forums, tried quizmaker, tried condensing the amount of text I had per Q&A, etc. and found no solution. Basically what's going on is that once the quiz is done and the user can review their (in)correct answers, the actual review answers are showing up overlapping one another. I know there was an update to fix this in the original version of Storyline but is there a fix or editing optionfor Storyline 2?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Miles -- Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties! Could you please share your file so that we can take a closer look for you? Or, as you mentioned you are in a time crunch, you would be welcome to work directly with our Support Engineers by using this form, and I will be sure to follow along with your case. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Miles -- I looked for your case in our ticketing system, and unfortunately I was unable to locate it by searching your first and last name. Did you happen to receive an on-screen 'Your case has been submitted' message or even a confirmation email from which you can share your case number? Please also check your SPAM folder as it may have been redirected there in error. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Miles -- Thanks for your follow up, and I see that your case, 00714744, has been received. It looks like one of our Support Engineers replied to ask if you are able to provide a screenshot of what you are encountering, as he did not find the same behavior when reviewing your file. Please use the upload link he provided in the email sent earlier this morning at your first convenience to share your screenshot so he is able to investigate further. :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Harold,

As you'll see with Christie's response the most recent issue mentioned here for Miles was resolved with republishing the course. If you're running into any similar behavior it would be helpful for our troubleshooting to know the following:

- Describe what is happening and what you're seeing?

- What version/update of Storyline are you using? The latest is Storyline 2 Update 11 - you can check by going to the Help tab -> About Articulate Storyline 

- Where are you hosting your published content to view it? Do you only see this in Firefox? 

- Are you using a supported browser to view the Flash and/or the HTML5 content? You'll see our list of supported browsers here and it's worth noting that Firefox isn't supported for HTML5.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ivana, 

Sorry to hear that you've run into this issue. Are you working on your project files on your local hard drive? Since you've already tried republishing, I would recommend importing your slides into a new file as a next step to try and alleviate the issue.
You're also welcome to share your file here in this thread, and I can do some testing on my end. 
Sarita Kayode

Hello, I'm using Quiz Maker 09 and have begun to experience the overlapping problem.  The assessment was created more than a year ago and has been working fine until last week.  I know that 09 is an older version, but it has been working well  up until now.  Have there been any recent reports of this happening and do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?  Thanks

Glen Murdock

I'm wondering if anyone experiencing this issue has examined the various states of each affected text box (Normal, Hover, Click, etc.) to see if they've been mysteriously "jiggled" as I've seen in my version of this issue. For me, it was using the same source file across different versions of software/updates that seemed to be causing it. We'd build a course in Storyline 1, then update the file to Storyline 2 where we'd start to see this problem.

It was relatively easy to fix; just go into the affected questions and see which object-state had its X and Y coordinates tweaked slightly in the answer text boxes, then change it to match the 'Normal' state.

We haven't experienced the same issue in courses built strictly using SL2, it only seemed to be a problem when moving files between SL1 and SL2. I suspect it's a minor "translation" blip when moving between software versions, which somehow causes some X/Y coordinates to increment occasionally/sporadically. Maybe it's the same kind of thing for Quiz Maker 09?

Glen Murdock

No idea, I don't have Quizmaker '09 or '13, I've just seen the occasional screenshot or video. It looks very similar to Storyline, but that doesn't necessarily mean it even has object-state functionality.

In Storyline you'd find it at the bottom middle of your main window (when editing the source file) down with the 'Timeline' and 'Notes' tabs. These are the Storyline instructions, wasn't able to find anything for Quizmaker, which implies that maybe that functionality isn't part of the Quizmaker package.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ivana! Looks like you have attached your published output and it would be best if I could take a look at the .story project file.

Hi S! I have not heard of this issue and there are not states like Glen mentioned above. If you need us to take a look, you are welcome to share the .quiz file with our support team here.

Emalyn Lim


Any updates or solution for this, as I'm also facing this option overlap issue when reviewing assessment. It seems to occur if view as story_html5.html in mobile. Story.html works fine. I'm using Storyline 2 with the latest update 11. Viewing the runtime using Chrome in android phone version 6.

Many thanks.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Emalyn,

I'm sorry to hear you're running into this! Would you mind sharing your file with the Support Engineers so they can take a closer look at your set-up and likely try to reproduce the behavior in a new file? You can send the file to the team directly using this form, and please let me know your case number so I can follow along!