Problems with Quiz Review Texting Overlapping

Oct 14, 2014

I'm having some trouble with the review option of the quizzes in Storyline 2. I've looked through the forums, tried quizmaker, tried condensing the amount of text I had per Q&A, etc. and found no solution. Basically what's going on is that once the quiz is done and the user can review their (in)correct answers, the actual review answers are showing up overlapping one another. I know there was an update to fix this in the original version of Storyline but is there a fix or editing optionfor Storyline 2?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Calvin,

This particular discussion dates back to a bit earlier, so if you're experiencing the same situation we'll want to run through some of the initial troubleshooting steps as you see described earlier in this discussion and taking a look at one of the problematic .story files and what steps you've gone through to experience the behavior. 

If you'd like to share that here, you're welcome to upload using the "Add Attachment" button or you can send along to our Support Engineers using the form here. 

John Stowe

Much appreciated Glen,

I too was having the issue with Firefox and your remedy resolved the problem. I was at my wits end and had looked into so many other areas (HTML versions, SCORM versions etc.) and your fix despite being 'bizarre' really works!

Alas it worked on 32 Bit Firefox but not 64 bit Firefox and the issue is related to the Shuffling of answers in the quiz screen.

Given that this is the design of the question in the attached image (design.PNG), when no shuffle of answers is selected the feedback works (No_Shuffle.PNG) however when shuffling is enabled then in the problem review image (Issue.PNG) we can see in the feedback that the checked incorrect top two choices in the shuffled question (i.e. Wafers first and Bins second have reverted to their original design positions (i.e. 4th and 5th) and have overlaid on the unchecked shuffled text of the question as it was presented. I have other images demonstrating this relocation of checked incorrect answers back to their design positions while the unchecked ones remain also in these locations. Back to square 1 :-( .


John Stowe

I am using Storyline 2 Update 12: 1705.220

I have not noticed the issue on other browsers than Firefox 64 bit. I have tried Firefox 32 bit, Google Chrome, Safari and IE 10. However as it is a misplacement of text position from random shuffle back to its original design position I am struggling to find a reason why Firefox is susceptible, especially as Storyline 360 supports Firefox.

Carol Mortimer

LaVon, click on each object that is shifting, and click on Edit States.  One of the states will probably be messed up.  Fix it, and it fixes the issue.  You might need to do it for each object in the list, but once you've done it a time or two, you can fix a screen in about a minute.

Carol Mortimer

LaVon, Use Slide View.  Select the first answer.  Look at the Timeline.  There should be an option next to it that says STATES.  Click on it, then click on Edit States.  Click on each of the 5 states, and see if any of them jump.  If so, adjust its position for that state.  (Sometimes, just clicking on it when the Edit States mode will auto-fix it.).  When you are done with each state of the object, click Done Editing States. Then repeat the process for the next answer.   

I usually find that one state is messed up on some of the answers. 

Alas, I have no idea what will help Catherine.   :-(

Alyssa Gomez

Hi everyone! Thanks for chiming in to let us know what's going on. It looks like we're discussing two different issues here, so let me clarify what's happening in each one. 

John, you're having an issue with a Multiple Response question in Storyline 2 in Firefox. My hunch is that your content is defaulting to the HTML5 output. You can check that by looking at the end of the URL--do you see story_html5.html there? Keep in mind that HTML5 is only supported in Google Chrome for Storyline 2.



LaVon, you're having an issue with a Matching Drop-down interaction in Storyline 360. We've identified this as a bug, and our team is hard at work on a fix. It looks like this bug only affects the HTML5 output--the Flash output works normally. 

For now, you can work around this bug by viewing the Flash output. You can do that by editing the end of the URL to story_flash.html.

I'm really sorry this is plaguing you, and I'll be sure to update this thread as soon as a fix is released.