Problems with TTS voice and iPads

Aug 19, 2023

I have created a course that is on the Cornerstone Saba LMS and the participants use iPads to run the content. The problem is with one particular course where the voice on a scene cuts out or sometimes plays. I am trying to pin down any specific reasons why this could happen.

When I take the course on my iPad, I do not have any issues and it plays correctly all the way through the course. 

Could there be something in the LMS setup or the iPad setup? I have to confirm that this is the only course with this problem. We had another issue where the course stalled on a particular slide. I created a new slide 5 times and finally started over with that scene and it solved the problem. Could there be some connection to the voice issue? Unfortunately, I cannot share this course with you.

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Kelly Auner

Hi, Jeffrey!

It sounds like you were able to come up with a workaround. Since the course works on your iPad, but not always with your LMS, the issue could be the environment in which it's played rather than the course itself.

If you run into this issue again, one way to troubleshoot is with SCORM Cloud. If it works correctly in SCORM cloud, then I suggest that you reach out to your LMS administrator. If it doesn’t work in SCORM cloud, the issue is likely specific to your file, and we'd be happy to take a closer look privately in a support case. We'll delete it from our systems once troubleshooting is complete!

Jeffrey Riley

Kelly, thanks for the reply.

I use SCORM Cloud all the time to prove a course works. While I don't know why the iPads for my client are not picking up the voice, having the voice play all the time takes away any software issues. I had to use a variable to do this anyway so it also makes the project simpler for me. 

Thanks again and I expect this to be the solution.

Jeffrey Riley

Back to this problem. Still having issues with voice on the course. This is the ONLY course with this problem on the LMS. I just tested the idea of starting the course, hear the sound, then I laid down the iPad and waited for the screen to go dark. 

I then picked up the iPad and started the course again. Now no sound/voice even though I know the audio should play when the slide opens. I do have the slides set to Initial State thinking that would help this issue. Any Ideas?

Eric Santos

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for reporting this! It looks like the audio issue you're encountering in an iPad is course-specific and a great troubleshooting opportunity for our Support team.

I appreciate you sharing the project file so we can investigate further. You're in good hands with Mark! Let's continue the conversation in your support case, but I'm happy to assist further as needed!

Jeffrey Riley

Thanks Eric. I did try another course and I am finding the same problem. I can hear the voice as long as I continue the course, but if I put down the iPad, wait for the screen to go dark, and then pick up the iPad and start again, NO VOICE. I have not tested all of our courses but it is more than one course.

Jeffrey Riley

Thanks Jurgen. I don't see that there is a solution. I do have a ticket
in on this so hope there is a solution. One solution is to not let the
iPad go to sleep.

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