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May 14, 2018

Hi there,

We have a course that uses zooming in and out of various slides. I'm noticing that when previewing and publishing the zoom doesn't go all the way in. Only about halfway. The only time it performs as it should is when I play the timeline from within Storyline.

anyone else experiencing this?

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Eitan Teomi

Here's a quick screencast I did to demonstrate the issue. You will see that the first time I play the slide - straight from the timeline, the zoom works as expected.

But when I play it from preview, the zoom doesn't fill the slide like it did before. The published slide works the same as it does in the preview...

Wendy Farmer

We had a similar issue but it was in SL2.  If we had the player navigation Prev/Next button activated it worked as expected but when we used our custom navigation and removed the player nav it did a similar thing by not going full screen but it actually shifted off centre and zoomed a different part of the screen.   Unfortunately there was no resolution for us and we removed the zoom region and used enlarged screenshots of the image in states to get a similar effect.

I would log a support ticket Eitan.  Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jon!

Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this. Can you help me with these details?

  • Are you on the latest update of Storyline 360? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.19.16600.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

  • Does this problem happen in Storyline preview, or after the project is published?
  • Can you share a sample slide so I can get a better idea of what's happening?
Jon Schiedermayer

Thanks for the response,

I'm on 3.18.16449.0, using the Free Trial while my corporate license goes through. This happens in Preview and Published modes. Unfortunately I can't share slides because it is proprietary content, but it's happening with several zooms panned together on a slide with about 20 layers, 5 of them audio.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for the detail, Jon!  There should be no difference in performance on the trial, by the way.  It will only restrict access after 60 days.  Feel free to update to 19 when you're prompted by the desktop app!

Since your setup is custom, could you possibly share your files with us privately?  We keep your content secure, and it helps us have a better understanding of how to reproduce what's happening in your project.

Thanks so much!

Jeffrey Muise

Still having issues with zoom regions.  I saw a thread about an update and the alleged fix only mentioned zoom regions starting at the beginning of the timeline.  I'm trying to use multiple zoom regions on a single slide and they just don't zoom in fully and in some cases (like attempting to create a pan effect by having one zoom region come right after the previous, as eHeroes prescribes here) the region doesn't reflect my original selection.  

I've heard people mention that the problem is largely reserved to HTML5, but with Flash now unsupported, we're only publishing to HTML5 here.  

As this issue seems to be ongoing, I'm not expecting a legitimate fix anytime soon.  I just wanted to point out that despite the best efforts of support staff, they're still just covering for a development team who has yet to properly address this issue.

Crystal Horn

Hi Jeffrey.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I understand your frustration.  We are investigating an issue with the modern player (HTML5 only) where zoom regions are not zooming in fully and appear slightly off-center.  

I'm adding this discussion to that report since it sounds very close to what you're seeing.  We'll update you here with any changes.

Lisa Anderson


I'm having the same issue as Eitan, but in SL 3 running the current update. The zoom only zooms in halfway, when viewing in preview slide, then zooms all the way in when it's scheduled to zoom out on the timeline, then zooms out only halfway, not fully. When viewing in the timeline preview, it works perfectly. Even when published, it misbehaves as described when slide previewing.

I do have a couple of motion paths, but when I remove them, to test the zoom, it misbehaves still. I did as Eitan did; removed the zoom and added it again, several times, and this did not solve the issue. I also removed the zooms, saved my file, closed SL3, reopened, re-inserted and still misbehaves.

I hadn't used zooms too often previously, but in this project there are several planned for in the storyboard. 

Ideas would be much appreciated!

Lisa Anderson

Hello again,

I wanted to add additional details about this zoom issue. The zoom is on the base slide and when the timeline ends, it shows a layer. Can you not have a zoom on the base and a layer in that same slide? I hide the zoom on the layer and when the layer is shown, it's shown at the previous state the base layer was left, and in this case, it's a zoomed base layer, or it starts zooming. This throws off all the elements on the layer. 

Is it that a zoom slide cannot have layers?

This seems a little caddywampus!

I'm attaching the one slide.


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