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After publishing my video (with CC), I don't see the button to be able to display the CC.  Then I read this on the E-Learning Hero's site...

Also, be aware that some course elements won’t show when publishing to a video file, including:

Flash movies
Website videos
Web objects
Course player
Closed captions

So my questions are...why have CC is they don't publish out?  I mean, you need CC for 508 compliance. Does this only work if you are publishing eLearning?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Cathy!

At this time, closed captions won't be included when you publish Storyline 360 content to a single video file. However, you're not the first to bring this up, and we are tracking these requests. I'll be sure to share your thoughts with my team. If this feature gets added to a future update, I'll be sure to let you know!

For now, I'd recommend manually creating a comprehensive caption file using another tool.

Kelli Williams

Add me to the list as well!  I actually submitted a feature request after finding this thread.  I need to host videos on a Sharepoint site that include CC.  I've found several work arounds such as using layers and triggers, but they are time consuming to set up and a pain to edit later if needed.  Adding this feature would be a HUGE win for me and my company!!  Thank you!

Lauren Connelly

Hi all!

I'm happy to share an update! Our focus has been on the Player to ensure that learners have control of what is displayed. Right now, learners can turn on closed captioning using the Player when publishing for Web, LMS, and Review 360. Publishing to video doesn't include a Player, so this functionality would already be chosen for the learner. We don't currently have this feature on our roadmap, but when we do, I'll make sure to update this discussion!