publish to CD and LMS behave differently

Dec 10, 2018

When I preview "this slide" or "entire course" my tabs change to visited as expected.

I published for an LMS, I get errors where the same tabs do not change to visited when clicked. Some tabs show visited, some don't. I use visited as a condition to advance to the next slide, which works.

I published to CD, then the tabs work the same as when I preview.

I am using Storyline 2

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Mike. Happy to lend a hand!

First, let's see how the visited state function works in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud (an industry-standard tool for testing SCORM output).  If the course works correctly in SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, this tells us that the issue is mostly related to the LMS' output. 

Let us know if you need a hand with testing!

Katie Riggio

Thanks so much for sharing your file with me, Mike!

I've done some testing where the published LMS output does not match the behavior seen during Preview. Does this quick Peek exhibit what you see on your end?

In the meantime, I'm going to share this oddity with our Support Engineers to see if I can get some further insight from them. Look out for an email from the team, and I'll also follow along to keep this discussion updated with any new information!

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