Published course in Storyline 360 will not play in IE 11

Mar 23, 2017

I created a software simulation with storyline 360 and it freezes or will not play in IE11. It sometimes has problems in Firefox as well. Is this because of the size of the course? The quality of the course (resolution)? Users haven't had a problem in chrome that I am aware of.




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Thomas Gora

Hello. I just ran into this issue this week. In testing a Storyline 360 module published from our Cornerstone LMS, for some IE 11 users, the course froze about midway through. For others, no problems at all. 

From what I can gather from previous posts, is there an LMS setting to fix this? Or is it that some users may be using or not using IE compatibility mode?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Thomas!

Great question! I think it's safe to narrow it down to an issue with the LMS and/or browser since there are learners who aren't running into this issue at all. 

I'd recommend first reaching out to Cornerstone LMS to confirm the suggested browser when using their platform. Additionally, I'd make sure your course behaves as expected in other browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox before suggesting a specific browser to your students.

Unfortunately, I've noticed that most updated Learning Management Systems and IE aren't the best pair. 

If we can help with the course you've created in Storyline 360, please don't hesitate to reach out. Make sure to bookmark this link whenever you need to connect with a Support Engineer.