Published Course not updating in LMS(Moodle)

Jul 07, 2017


I have developed an e-learning Module with tracking as Result slide. It was running properly at client side however yesterday i got a mail from them that for one of the user LMS is not updating. Exit button on result side is not working, hence no updation on LMS. They tried on IE9 and IE11. I tried on Google Chrome but still the same result.

Please help with the reason for this. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Parul! I uploaded your content to SCORM Cloud, and it appears to be working fine there. The reporting and tracking information was correctly sent to the LMS after I clicked the Exit Course button.

Can you also test this link on your end? If it works for you in SCORM Cloud, that will be really helpful information to share with your Moodle support team. They'll best be able to assist with LMS-specific issues. ☺️

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Parul,

If you need to delete the file shared here, you can visit this forum discussion page and click the "Edit" button below the post where you shared the file. You can then remove or replace the file shared. Also you can delete the comment as a whole. 

If you need us to delete the link to your course too - just let us know and Alyssa can update her post!

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