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Math Notermans

So i did a test with an image to check whether the blurring issue with PNGs is solved or Articulate just choose a quick route out of the issue and changed the name in the publishing window ;-) You never know...


Both the png and jpg image look fine when published. We should test with other images too though as im not 100% sure whether my image is the best choice. In editmode in Storyline they look good too... only in Storyline preview mode they look blurry. I can imagine some people find that a nuissance... i dont mind, i always publish to test.

Adding the .story if anyone want to test with another settings or images...

Tracy Carroll

Thanks for doing some testing, Math!

I would like someone from Articulate to comment on the change from "image" quality to "jpeg" quality. I also noticed that now 100% is the default for jpeg quality, whereas it used to be 80%. If you change the slider to 80%, it still says 100% (screen shot below).

I published the story file at "80%" quality, and it looks exactly the same as Math's 100% version, to me: 

Tracy's 80% version: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/e66184f7-5288-4906-90d5-62c2a8c8b9ab/review

Math's 100% version: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/3fcce81a-7bd1-44a3-b79d-07c2cf38ef4d/review  

It looks to me like the slider now has no effect on quality, either for jpegs or pngs. So why bother having the slider to control the quality of images?

Does 100% mean anything?