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Dec 13, 2016

Hello everyone, I'm having trouble with a storyline project.  First, I have a question bank with 18 questions.  I'm asking storyline to pull 10 random questions from this bank.  The user has 10 minutes to complete, and must make a 75% or better to move forward.  If not, they must take the quiz over.  I was able to create the quiz to function properly, but upon my 2nd, 3rd, (and several other attempts) on the exam after failing, it only loads 4 to 6 questions on each retake.  I have the appropriate button checked to allow users to retake the exam, and also have the slide to reset to the initial state.  I have no idea why the question bank will not pull 10 questions on repeat tries.  The bad part about this issue is that the user will continue to fail the exam each time on retakes since it will not pull enough questions to allow a 75% or higher score.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Unfortunately I deleted the project due to a review tomorrow.  If some knows where I can watch a video or read an article that walks a person through setting up a scenario for users who do not pass an exam, and must retake the quiz before moving on to the next chapter.




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Wendy Farmer

Hi John

I've tested the quiz and retaken it three times.  Each time i have failed and the result is reset (correct behaviour) and I am presented with 10 questions each time (correct behaviour) - I'm not sure why you are not getting the full complement of questions.

Are you publishing the file and testing in the intended environment (web or LMS) or are you seeing this behaviour in preview?


John Mayfield

Wendy, it works properly when selecting the "retry" button.  However, my concern is that some students will not want to retry on their own, and simply click the next button to move on to the next module without retaking the exam.  I'm wanting the student to be required to retake the exam, and prohibit them from moving forward.  Do I configure this in the LMS side of my SCORM, or would I set this up on the results slide?

Brett Rockwood

Just disable or hide the Next button until the user gets 75% or higher. Set a trigger to hide/disable the Next button when the timeline starts. Set another trigger to enable it (set it to Normal) when the user scores 75% or higher. The variable you are checking is the Results Percent for that particular quiz.

John Mayfield

Okay, I believe I am making progress on the quiz, and have followed instructions from this thread and another thread I started on another topic.  However, if I select the "review quiz" button, all of the slides are marked with a red incorrect at the bottom, and green check marks by the correct answer.  I missed two questions, so I am expecting the results slide to show a green correct banner at the bottom, and then only show the incorrect banner on the problems I missed.  It should also show my wrong answer, and what the correct answer is, correct?  Help, I'm losing my mind trying to figure this out.

John Mayfield

One more observation, I just re-took the exam now, scored 100%.  I selected review quiz, and every slide had the red banner incorrect at the bottom, but did have green check boxes next to my correct choices.  I'm hoping I did not remove a trigger or have set something as disabled for the correct/incorrect banner that functions.  Thanks again for any help with this problem.

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