Quiz not tracked - Storyline SCORM (2004 4th version) - in LMS

we are using Articulate Storyline to create SCOes.
We use these SCOes in a custom LMS developed by our organization.
SCOes are published as "Standard 2004, 4th version".

We sometimes have an issue:
interactions fields are not tracked by our logging system, while others values are tracked (suspend_data, score, etc.).

As workaround, we added a custom JS script in each slide to block the course, otherwise it would continue without tracking.

Have you ever received questions or feedback about an issue like ours?
How is created the value of "suspend_data" field? Is it possible to decrypt this value?

Best regards,
Anna Maria Serra





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Emily Ruby

Hello Anna, and welcome to Heroes!

Are you tracking this using a results slide, or by slides viewed? If you are trying to track multiple SCOs in one course, it is not supported, but you can look at the information here.

Also, you can test the course in the SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing content, to see if you are getting the same results as your LMS.

Anna Maria Serra

Hello Emily, thank you for your reply.

We're using a single SCO, composed by question slides and videos, we usually have 4 videos and 10 questions.
The structure of the course is: info slide, title slide, video, question slide, video, question slide, video, ... other questions slide and result slide.

We're tracking using the "result slide" method because, if we use "slides viewed" method, interactions are not tracked.

Unfortunately, we are unable to systematically replicate this error, which happens randomly to our users.
During development or internal testing everything works well.

Anna Maria Serra

we have not yet solved the problem about answer tracking in quiz sections.

We added logs to track all SCO calls to the LMS.

We've figured out that after the start of the video at the third slide, the SCO calls the "Terminate" event without any valid reason.
In addition, despite the LSM responds positively to this event, the SCO goes on and, when it quiz time and user inserts the answers, it responds with error.

Do you have any ideas why it happens or something we have to check?

Anna Maria Serra

Hello Emily,
I'm one of the Software Engineer who are developing the LMS. I'm also the SCO creator, using  Articulate Storyline. We have 15 working SCOs with 41000, and randomly, it happens that some of them raise the 'Terminate' event without any reason.

At first, we tought it was a fault in the LMS, but after adding some detailed traces, we found that is the SCO that raises the 'Terminate' event. The LMS receives it successfully, but then, the SCO continues as nothing happened.
How can we further investigate that issue?

Best regards.