Quiz Questions Lock After Clicking the Review Button

Hi all!  Had something interesting happen, which seems to occur in 360 for both the Classic Player (when using the 360 review) and the Modern Player (when published as html 5, scorm 1.2, in our LMS.)

These modules are relatively small - a few compressed mp4s (one per slide), with a question bank quiz where they get one attempt to answer correctly, and have the opportunity to review their results whether they pass or fail.

Because of our LMS, we have to use the HTML 5 only publish setting for Scorm 1.2 to allow multiple device types (Samsung tablet, iPad, Chromebooks and PC laptops) to launch the content via Google Chrome browser.

The issue is at the results slide, after you click the Review Quiz button.  While the question slide loads correctly, showing the answer selected, there's a spinning ball at that point, and won't move forward.  You can't click the Next button for the player for either the Classic or Modern player.  

Has anyone experienced that and have a fix for it, please?  Thanks!

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Therese White

Hi Crystal, thank you for asking. 

The source file is in the most recently updated Storyline 360.

The question bank about 13 questions:  360's default multiple choice, multiple response, and True/False.  Two questions use images to select (pick many.)  We have animation on the question master and in the correct feedback master.  However, that hasn't been an issue in our past modules.

Slides aren't restricted or locked.  We aren't randomizing questions. 

The 'locking up' (seeing a spinning ball) issue is present in the 360 review, whether using a Classic or Modern Player. 

When using the Modern Player, publishing to html5, scorm 1.2, it will lock at the same place.

I look forward to your review and let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for your help! :-)


Therese White

Hi again!  So, we found an issue at our side regarding the 360 review (using the Classic Player), and Storyline outline this at the FAQs. 

The most recent Adobe Flash Player has to be installed. 

We found that the Flash Player install fix resolved the spinning ball for one of our team members.  Will report soon if it resolves for the rest of our team. 

However, the Modern Player locking question in the review issue still occurs for our LMS (html5 only publish, Scorm 1.2.) 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Therese!

I published your course with the Modern Player for LMS. I used SCORM 1.2 and HTML5 only. Then, I uploaded the output to SCORM Cloud, which is a handy tool we use for LMS testing.

Could you test your content on SCORM Cloud by clicking this link?

In my own testing in Google Chrome, I was able to review all quiz questions without any problems. 

Let me know how it goes!