Quiz Review (storyline3) - tick in odd place

Sep 23, 2020


I am working on a quiz in storyline 3. However when I review the quiz (from the results page) I seem to be getting a tiny green tick on the red incorrect bar. It doesn't seem to make any sense and I can't see where I can alter it.

Can any one help me out? see screen-shot attached.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Cheryl!

Thanks for that screenshot. I'm happy to help find what's causing that checkmark to appear in the wrong place!

First, I'm having trouble recreating the experience with a sample slide in Storyline 3 Update 10. Here's a quick video demo.

  • Do you see the green check during preview, in the published output, or both?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing your course for testing? I'll take a thorough look and let you know what I find! Here's the upload link to share it privately.
Cheryl Kent

Hi Katie,

apologies for the delay in getting back to you (other things going on).

Anyhow, please find attached my file. I have pulled out the quiz element from my story. It is the first questions I am getting the problem with ie the text entry questions (the true / false seem to be OK).

I am on storyline 3, version 10:3.10.22406.0

I'd appreciate it if you could have a look.



Katie Riggio

Hey there, Cheryl!

Thanks for sending your file in, and no apologies are needed. 😀

I also see the same checkmark in the Incorrect Feedback Layer when reviewing your quiz questions during Preview.


From here, I'm bringing our Support team to the table to try to gain more insight and will be in touch by email shortly. Stay tuned!

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