Random questions when directed back to a question bank

Jan 15, 2014

Hi, I have a question bank with 20 questions and 10 questions are randomly shown. I also have a variable so that you are taken back to the question bank to retake 10 qustions if you fail the test.

The problem is that you are always shown the same 10 questions when you are re-directed back to the question bank. It doesn't randomly show 10 new questions.

Is there a way to fix this?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Henrik,

First, can you check the triggers on your results slide? You'll want the "Reset Results" trigger to appear in the trigger panel prior to the "Jump to" trigger for the "Retry button." You may see some repeats, as it is drawn randomly each time, but you shouldn't see the same 10 questions that way. 

Let us know if that helps! 

James Klaas

Hi Ashley

I am stuck with the same problem on a game board. I am using a random draw of questions  for discussion but not submitting a score result. I keep getting the same question on the random draw even though the reset results trigger is set before jumping back on the results slide. The idea is to display the game on an Ipad and pass the device around to generate discussion where each player  then marks the participation points on the game board before passing to the next player. I have only 3 questions loaded so far. Thanks.


Steve Flowers


One thing I noticed with randomized question pools is that I seemed to need to hit a slide BEFORE the randomized pool after a reset for some reason. I setup a slide with an autoforward for this purpose and directed to this slide before navigating to the questions again. See if this resolves the problem in your case.


Emily Ruby

Hello Steve!

Thanks for sharing the file. It looks like the question bank questions were not set up to be quiz slides that could be submitted to your results slide. I converted them to free form pick one, and used the "back to board" button as the correct answer. This is now being submitted to the results slide, so when the "reset results" trigger hits, it is resetting the questions. The random draw seems to be working now. I also added a 4th test question to make sure - since only having three, the same one could appear several times in a row.

James Klaas

Thanks Emily,

That makes sense. Thanks so much.

Now what is happening is my markers on the board are getting reset as well.They are to be moved manually to score. Is there any way that it only resets the question bank and not the markers? I have the markers setup as a freeform question but I want them to remain wherever you move them without being submitted to a result slide. Is that possible?



Jacqui Yoo

Hi, I am having the same problem, where if the user retakes the quiz, the same "random" questions appear each time. The Retry Quiz button has the trigger to reset the results slide before the jump back to the quiz trigger, so not sure what's not working. 

I also tried Steve Flowers' suggestion of hitting a slide prior to the start of the quiz first, but still getting the same questions.

I am attaching the .story file here. If someone could take a look, that'd be great!


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