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Jul 04, 2012

I've used the Insert Web Object to include a lot of html text into a project. When I revise the html file, the changes are not picked up inside the Storyline web object.

Is there a way to refresh the web object content?

The only thing I've gotten to work is to delete the object and re-insert it. If I do an Edit and load the same file, it doesn't pick up the changes.

It would be nice if there was an option to have it reload. Maybe there is and I've missed it?

And the Browse for the folder doesn't remember the last selected folder, so I have to click through multiple folders to reach the correct one each time.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brek,

A web object is external to Storyline - so it's not something controlled from within the Storyline course. If you change what is included at the URL and it's still the same URL that Storyline is pointing to, the web object should be showing you the latest content. What may occur is a user sees a cached copy of it based on their browser not reloading the page - so they'd want to manually refresh, clear the cache or look at using a private/incognito window. Since all that behavior is controlled at the browser and individual user level you could look at providing directions to users at the start of your course for how to modify their browser behavior or use the cleared cache/private browsing options. 

Hope that helps clarify and feel free to let us know if you need anything else! 

Brek Joos

Hey Ashley,

The 'Refresh Web Object' is a great idea, but it seems like an extra step that shouldn't be needed if web object files were being included during publishing and not at configuration.

I think links to web content are working fine.

The problem seems to occur in Storyline for web objects used with local files. It seems that web object content is added or cached at the time the web object is configured, and not at the time the course is published. Changes made after the web object is configured are not included when published afterwards.

Being able to use local files for web objects is very useful. There have been numerous occasions where we could have prevented republishing/reuploading course content by configuring local web objects that Storyline treats as a relative path rather than an absolute path.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts. You can share ideas/suggestions with our development team here as well.

Not sure if the following will assist any of you:

Relative URLs aren't supported for web objects. Be sure to use full (absolute) URLs when adding web objects to your content. If you need to use relative URLs, see this article for a possible, though unsupported, workaround.

sebastjan f

if I am linking local html files as web object into storyline - I would expect that files are LINKED.. and not copied into some temporary&renamed&whoknows where SL folder

I see two options:

- either make a "refresh web object" button


- dont rename web objects in "story_content\WebObjects" folders.. that would leave me option of copying it from my source


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