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Feb 23, 2023

Hi everybody,

I've a course which has restrictions so learners will have to go through all the slides without skipping any audio or interaction for completion. So they are allowed to go to the next slide after the audio is over. I used here triggers to disable the next button and enable it after the timeline is over.  In the last slide I have exit button which will complete course. The LMS gets the information and recognizes that the lesson is completed. But, I would like also that learners will be able to freely use next button and skip slides in the lesson if they want to review it after completion. That means instead of resuming the course and using previous button, they would restart the course and next button will be available in this case. That doesn't work. Once they have completed the lesson and want to restart it again it resets all settings. Can you help me understand if it is possible?

 Thank you in advance!

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Judy Nollet

You don't need any triggers to disable the NEXT button when the timeline starts nor to enable it when the timeline ends. That will happen automatically if you set the course navigation to Restricted. And the program will only disable the NEXT button the first time the user visits the slide. This image shows the steps to restrict navigation:  

BTW, here's more info about different ways to control the NEXT button: 

Note, however, that if a learner RESTARTS the course after exiting, navigation will be restricted again. However, they would be able to freely navigate the course if you let them RESUME it. 

The easiest way to let them freely navigate the course after resuming is to include the built-in MENU in the Player. That would be available every time they take the course.

  • When a course has Restricted navigation, the user can't use the Menu to advance to any slide they haven't already viewed. 
  • They can use the Menu to return to any previously viewed slide.
  • Thus, if they resume the course after completing it, they would be able to view any slide.

If you don't want to include the built-in Menu, you could add a button on the last slide that jumps back to the start of the course. If there are multiple scenes/sections, you could add a button to each one. That would make it easy for them to review what they want without using the PREV button.

Here's a bit more info about the settings for what happens when a user returns to a course.

  • Prompt to resume: The learner will be asked if they want to resume where they left off. If they say Yes, a restricted course will only restrict the content they haven't seen yet. 
  • Always resume: This automatically resumes the course from the point where the learner exited. A restricted course will only restrict the content they haven't seen yet.
  • Never resume: This always restarts the course from the beginning. If the course has restricted navigation, the learner will have to step through all the slides, even if they viewed some of them the first time they opened the course. 

Here's more info: