Replace "Continue" button with a "Close" button in Feedback Master

Hi all,

I've scoured the forum as best I could and did not find an answer to what I imagine is a simple change. That is, how to change the trigger on the Feedback Master button to simple close the feedback pop-up and stay on that question screen, instead of jumping (continuing) the user to the next slide. I've adjusted the trigger code, to no avail. "Hiding the layer" does not work. Only jumping to the next slide works.

Details:  In a multiple choice, if the user chooses wrongly, the feedback pop-up appears with a Continue button. On clicking it the user goes to the next page. I would rather that not happen, and the user simply close the pop-up and stay on the same screen so they can try another answer, but I am unable to get a close trigger working on the Master feedback button. It would seem a feature that others would want, so hoping it's been addressed and that I've just failed to see it.

Thanks kindly.


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the community.

I think perhaps I'm not understanding your question, but based on your last paragraph and this phrase about a multiple choice question: "... user simply close the pop-up and stay on the same screen so they can try another answer..."

Is there a reason you haven't edited the question to change the number of attempts? You can do this by clicking the "Edit Multiple Choice" button on the right panel of the quiz slide.

Let's say you have 3 choices: apples, oranges, and bananas. You want the Learner to get 2 tries. Change the attempt to 2.

  • If they answer incorrectly the first time, they'll be able to click "Try Again" and they'll return to the question slide.
  • If they answer incorrectly the 2nd time, they'll receive the incorrect prompt and can continue on. Or, if they answer correctly, they'll receive the correct prompt and can continue on

Or, you could set to 3 attempts, unlimited attempts, whatever works for you.

Please shout out with any questions/clarifications.

Dave Ray

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for the welcome. And for taking the time to respond. Very kind of you.

I agree with all your comments. The difference is that I am turning on Feedback: By Choice (as opposed to "By Question").

When you choose feedback by choice, there is no Try Again option. Only a Continue button that jumps you to the next page.

And I've spent more time than I care to admit trying work arounds to get buttons on the feedback and base layer to allow a Try Again feature, to no avail.

Do you know a way to implement a Try Again button on a MC with feedback "By Choice"?

Thanks very kindly!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dave,

Well, here's one way. I have 2 attempts set up for the attached quiz

State added to continue button

On the two layers that are incorrect (so the oranges and honeydew layers) I added a state called Try Again to the Continue button, and I edited the text on that state to say Try again.

Create new variable

  • I created a variable called count
    (although the attempt count variable is automatically inserted when a quiz slide is set up for more than one attempt, this inbuilt variable isn't always accessible).

Add Triggers

  • On the two layers that are incorrect (so oranges and honeydew) I added 3 triggers.

Layer Triggers

Change the state of the Continue button to Try Again when the timeline starts if count variable is = 0

Change the state of the Continue button to Normal when the timeline starts if count variable > 0.

Object Trigger

Add 1 to the count variable when the user clicks the continue button

Let me know what you think! And shout out with any questions.

Raul Esparza

When I choose feedback by choice I do get a try again option with 2 or more Attempts selected.  Even if I choose Score by choice I get a try again button. I don't see a try again feedback box under Set Feedback and Branching but it's using the feedback from each choice and giving a try again button. That's not what you wanted?

Dave Ray

Hi Raul and Rebecca,

Raul, Hmmm... I tried again using the native settings and never get a Try Again option when using a "Multiple Choice" with "unlimited attempts" and Feedback "By Choice". If you do, could you kindly post. Would love to see it.

Rebecca, thank you so much for your time and your example. While it looks like there may be some good value from your suggestion (I downloaded and played around with it) I'm building a course template to be used by a large team in a Rapid Elearning Environment, and not having to custom code is the reason the client is choosing Storyline. I.e. this is overly complex, I'm afraid. There should be a simple option or feature native to SL to allow this.

I'm actually leaning towards the opinion that this is a bug (or oversight) on Articulate's part as it presents a situation in which a user is unable to correctly answer a multiple choice question, or make multiple attempts I.e. It  jumps you forward if you answer it wrongly (or rightly). You are not able to  able to try again and make multiple attempts, even if you've enabled that setting.

Being able to try again is key. Particularly when the question is being used in a "Knowledge Check" format for adult learners who are using the question to explore their own learning. I.e. they need to be able to try different answers and get different feedback, and not be shot forward after one try.

So, my take-away, short of custom variable coding, is that having a Try Again and Multiple Attempts on an MC with Feedback By Choice is not currently working. Would that be a correct summary, Rebecca, or am I completely misunderstanding - which I've been known to do

Perhaps I should request it as a fix / feature, as I've seen others doing that on other posts, though I would surely like a simple way of getting multiple tries to work. Thanks so much for any assistance anyone can provide! It's much appreciated.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dave and Raul,

Dave, I get the same results you do. As a point of reference, take a look at this series of scree shots:

1. Upper left is a MC Quiz, Default Feedback by question, 1 attempt

2. Upper right: same quiz, but I changed the Attempts to 2. Note that the Try Again layer has bee added

3. Bottom left: same quiz; I ONLY changed the Feedback to By Choice. When I did that the Try again layer was automatically removed.

4. Bottom right: same quiz. I left Feedback by choice and ONLY changed the Score to By Choice

NOTE: You CAN have Feedback by Question ad Score by Choice along with the Try Again layer. But you've indicated you are using Feedback by Choice


Unless someone jumps in and tells us that we're both doing something wrong...and hopefully someone will jump in to confirm or refute, I would submit a feature request.

Tx, Dave!

Dave Ray

Thanks for all the hard work, Rebecca! And for laying it out so clearly!

Yes, looking for Feedback by choice with the option to Try Again, so I think my client is out of luck.

Yes, I'll make a feature request, though I think you'll agree that this sounds more like a bug. Sorry, I'm new to the community. I'm guessing bugs and feature requests are recorded in the same way?

Thanks so much!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Dave,

Yes, you'd submit to the same link. Since I don't work for Articulate, I don't know what their definition of "bug" is. I'm not trying to obfuscate

  • remember when President Clinton said it all depends on what your definition of the word "is" is
  • and there's that old line about software companies calling user-perceived bugs "undocumented features" ;-)

But you have a good point that it would be nice for Try Again to be included in Feedback by choice

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

I wanted to welcome you to the Heroes community! 

First off, the link to send in a feature request that Becky shared is a bit different than that one to submit a support case (determine if it's a bug). The support case link is:

I took a look at this, as I couldn't remember what the behavior was - and it seems to currently be by design as the "feedback by choice" allows you to determine where the user should go after visiting this slide using the "more" button, so a feature request is the way to go. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashley,

Sorry...I didn't realize that what I might interpret as a bug was what y'all would want to go to support. Tx for correcting me. Speaking of which, I tried to link to the page using your link (above) and it brought me to an oops page. I THINK your link may have an extra space or character in it (when I copy the link location into notepad it has some extra characters after it)

So I'm trying here - I've pasted the link directly from the support page

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Becky - it looks like it did have an extra space so I updated it.

If it's a bug, we'll definitely want to take a look and it determine if yes, it is a bug and report to our QA team and if not a bug help fix the file. If you submitted as a feature request there may be a delay in Support getting to it, so I just wanted to get folks right to the help if needed!