Resizing while moving

I would like to add a picture, but I would like it to zoom in to the centre of the screen, hold for a few seconds and then shrink and move to the bottom of the screen.

I have tried using a motion path but I cannot get the image to resize while moving.

is there a way I can resize it.

I noticed there is the possibility to move animations from Microsoft Powerpoint onto articulate, would you recommend this as a solution?

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Gary Collins

Oops, didn't notice you wanted to shrink as well then move it to the bottom.

The problem with trying to shrink it is that storyline doesn't have an animation to shrink it to a certain size. If you use the shrink animation it will shrink till it disappears.

What you can do is zoom it in and then keep duplicating it and shrink it a little bit each time on the timeline making sure you are aligning it vertically and horizontally with the one before it on the timeline. Then when you get to the smaller version you duplicate that and do a move animation to the bottom.

I attached another example, it is a little rough on the shrinking but if you duplicate it enough and shrinking it a little bit at a time it may look a little smoother but I think it would take allot of work if you want to shrink it down quite a bit.